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Kaftans: Top beachwear find to your rescue

kaftan as beachwearBeachwear, When this word comes up one considers many aspects but fashion, comfort and  style  still comes first. A garment that effortlessly fulfills all these aspects is a ‘Kaftan’. This loose and flowing dress have become a top preference for beach day of many. Get to know why.

Effortless yet so chic:

Kaftans are known  for their flowing and relaxed fit, which provides ultimate comfort under the sun. Their loose sleeves and lightweight fabric(preferably cotton) make them an excellent choice for staying cool and breezy in the heat.The simplicity of this garment is its strength, as it requires minimal effort to look stylish.

The versatility of a Kaftan:

Whether you are strolling on a beach, enjoying on a pool party or spending some quality time at seaside, a kaftan effortlessly blends into every beach activity you do.With a very wide range of colors and patterns available these days, you can always find a perfect kaftan that matches your personality.

Sun protection on a hot day:

 In addition to being fashionable, kaftans also offer protection from the sun's harsh rays. They provide a light barrier, shielding your skin from direct sunlight while still allowing a cooling breeze to pass through. You can confidently enjoy the beach without worrying about sunburn.

Kaftan as a travel friendly find:

These are incredibly easy to pack for your beach vacations. They take up minimal space in your luggage and are mostly wrinkle-resistant, making them an ideal choice for travelers.Also, the versatility of it makes it possible to be styled at any time of the day.

Summing up:

Kaftan has earned its place as a beloved beachwear essential. Its effortless elegance, versatility, sun protection, and travel-friendliness make it a go-to option for those seeking comfort and style. So, the next time you're planning a beach getaway, don't forget to pack a kaftan, and experience the perfect combination of fashion and relaxation at the same time.

100% Pure cotton Kaftan by Vemante:

Vemante- Known for its quality fabric and premium stitched garments, consists of a wide variety of patterns for cotton kaftan. Here are the top finds for your next beach day visit.

cotton kaftancotton kaftan